A Five Dollar Part Saves Us from Having to Buy a New Washer

I wish I didn’t know who to contact when I am in need of a major appliance repair in Sacramento, because that would mean I have never had a major appliance break down on me before. I also wish I could say it has only happened once, but I have had to call the same company twice, once for my washing machine and once for my upright freezer. My upright was the first to need fixed, and I contacted the same major appliance repair company that my neighbor had used about six months prior because I remembered how satisfied she was with them.

I was really happy when he came out within hours and had my freezer working again in under an hour. It was a very simple fix, and I did not lose an entire freezer of meats and other frozen goods because of his quick help. I almost didn’t call him when my washing machine stopped working, because I felt that it was probably just old and needed to be replaced. I am really glad I called the same major appliance company though to come look at it, because he was able to fix it a whole lot cheaper than what it would have been to buy even a cheap new one.

The washer was old, but it had a lot of life still in it. The little control switch only cost five bucks, and the service call to put it in was not expensive. It was a whole lot less expensive than buying a new washer. The problem was the switch that shuts the washer off when the lid is opened. The broken switch made it so the washer would not turn on when the lid was closed. It would fill with water, but then it would not do anything. It took the technician about 10 minutes to replace it, and that saved us a small fortune in having to buy a new washer.