A Five Dollar Part Saves Us from Having to Buy a New Washer

I wish I didn’t know who to contact when I am in need of a major appliance repair in Sacramento, because that would mean I have never had a major appliance break down on me before. I also wish I could say it has only happened once, but I have had to call the same company twice, once for my washing machine and once for my upright freezer. My upright was the first to need fixed, and I contacted the same major appliance repair company that my neighbor had used about six months prior because I remembered how satisfied she was with them.

I was really happy when he came out within hours and had my freezer working again in under an hour. Read more

Best Prices for Plastic Decking

I am going to try to get some plastic decking put in at my house in the near future, because I am tired of dealing with all of the hassles that are associated with having a wooden deck. In particular, I am interested in seeing some prices for having Timberteck plastic decking. I would imagine that it is probably more expensive than wood, but at the same time, I know that it is going to last longer. I have had to have my deck replaced twice in the last 30 years, and I have also had to do a lot of work to keep it from needing to be replaced even more often. Read more